Addison Family of Marco Island

                  Descendants of

James Addison, b.abt.1790 Eng. and  Eleanor Keeff -

 married Dec.1814 Alverstoke, England.


James Addison , b. abt.1790 England
d. England
Married :  Eleanor Keeff , b.1797 England
She was the daughter of James Keeff and Catherine Murray.
James Addison's occupation in 1924 was - Waterman.
Children of James Addison and Eleanor Keeff:
1.George Addison,b. April 1,1817 Gosport, Hants, Hampshire, Eng.
   Baptized Aug.8,1819 Alverstoke, Southampton,- Saint Mary's Church
   Father's occupation on baptism record listed as  - Waterman.
   d. Oct.15,1870 Portsea, Portsmouth, Eng. - age 53
   Spouse: Matilda Eliza Parnell, b.abt. 1818 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.-
   d. April 1891 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng. 
   Marriage date: Feb.1,1837 St. Mary's Church, Portsea, Eng.
   Children of George Addison and Matilda:
    1.Matilda Eleanor Addison, b.1840
      d.July 1880 Portsea, Portsmouth, Eng.
      married:Robert William Hammond, b.1832 Sheerness, Kent, Eng.
      1.John George Hammond,b.1860 Lancashire, Eng.
      2.Matilda Jane Hammond,b.1862 Manchester, Lancashire, Eng.
      3.Robert William Hammond,b.1863 Manchester, Lancashire, Eng.
      4.Bertha Ann Hammond,b.abt.1867 Manchester, Lancashire, Eng.
      5.George Addison Hammond,b.____, Kent, Eng.
    2.Albert Addison,b July 1849 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
      d.March 1933 Portsmouth, Hampshire, Eng.
      married: Annie Kate Bramsdon on Oct.1869 in Havant, Hampshire, Eng.
      She was b.abt.1850 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
      1.Kate Mary Addison,b.1870 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
      2.George Bramsdon Addison,b.1872 Show Cross, Kent, Eng.
      3.Gertrude Ann Addison,b.1874 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
      4.Albert R. Addison,b.1876 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
      5.Edith Clara Addison,b.1878 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
      6.Alfred Charles Addison,b.1879 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
      7.Madeline B. Addison,b.1882 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
      8.Archibald William N. Addison,b.Jan.29,1886 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
         d.Sept.1975 Congleton & Crews, Cheshire, Eng.
      9.Gerald F.W. Addison,b.1889 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
    3.John Addison,b.Oct. 1853 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.- Twin
    4.Joseph Addison,b.Oct.1853 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng. _ Twin
       married: Mary Ann Garrett,- She was b. July 1851 Portsea, Eng.
       1.Joseph G. Addison,b.1878 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.
2.James Addison,b.July 2,1819 Gosport, Hampshire, Eng.
   Baptized Aug.8,1819 Alverstoke, Southampton, Eng.
   Note: Baptized same day as his older brother George.
   Father's occupation on Baptism record listed as - Waterman.
3.Eleanor Addison,b.Feb.4,1822 Gosport, Hampshire, Eng.
   Baptized Feb 24,1822 Alverstoke, Southampton, Eng.
   Her father's occupation listed as  - Waterman
4.Richard Addison ,b.1824 Gosport -
   Baptized May 2,1824 Alverstoke, Southampton, Eng.
   d.1914 Portsmouth, Hampshire, Eng.
   Married : Ruth Eliza Foster
   Note: Richard's and Ruth's information and children are listed below


Richard Addison  was born March 10,1824 in Gossport, Hants,
Hampshire, England.
( He was the son of  James Addison and Eleanor Keeff of England.)
Died: April 4, 1914 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.
Buried: Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth,Hampshire, England
  Ruth Eliza Foster  on Jan.1857 Portsea Island, Hampshire, Eng.
Vol.#2b, Pg.447 marriage records and registration book, Hampshire County, Eng.
Ruth was born: May 2,1837 in Odiham, Hants, Eng.
She is also buried in Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.
(She was the daughter of Thomas Foster and Mary Foster     
 Children of Richard Addison & Ruth Eliza Foster :
1.Richard Addison 
   Born: Abt.1859 Portsmouth, Hants, England.
   Died: March 23,1953 in Loughman, Fl. at 93 yrs.old
   Buried: Rosehill cemetery in Kissimmee, FL.
   Married: Susan Frances Flowers, abt.1889 in FL.
   Notes: Richard was the first of Richard's & Ruth Eliza
   Addison's children to come to the United States from
   England, coming to Florida at the age of 19 yrs, settled in 
   Polk County, FL & homesteaded near Lakeland, growing citrus.
   Children of Richard Addison and Susan Flowers:
        1.Richard Benjamin Addison ,b.Aug.21,1892 Laughman, FL
          d.April 1969 Davenport, Polk County, FL.
          buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Davenport, FL.
          He was a widower in the 1935 State census - A barkeeper in the 1945 census.
          He married 1.Nellie Marie Clark on July 14,1920 Osceola County, FL.
          He married 2. Sarah Frances "Fanny" Gill in 1942 Osceola County, FL.
          Children of Richard B.Addison and Nellie Clark:
                     1.Clarence E. Addison, b.Sept.10,1921 Loughman, Polk County, FL.
                        d.Nov.17,2010 Lakeland, Polk County, FL.
                     2.Morris S. Garland Addison, b.Jan.30, 1924 Loughman, Polk County, FL.
          Children of Richard B. Addison and Sarah F."Fanny" Gill:
                     1.Linda Bernice Addison,b.July 22, 1950 Polk County, FL.
                       d.Feb.8,1990 Auburndale, Polk, FL.
                       She married David Andrew Kirkland in March 1966 Polk, FL.
        2 Frances Eliza Addison,b.Aug.4,1894 Laughman,Polk County, FL.
          Jan.30,1986 Pasco County, FL.
          buried Rose Hill Cemetery in Kissimmee, Osceola County, FL.
          Married: Aaron Reaves (aka Reeves)-He was b.April 26,1884
            d. Dec.10,1949 Kissimmee, FL. 
          buried Rose Hill Cem. Kissimmee, FL.
        3.Mary Victoria Addison,b.Oct.23,1897 Laughman, FL.
          d.July 21, 1983 - buried Rose Hill Cem. in Kissimmee, FL.
          Married:Arthur W. Brannen in 1944 Osceola County, FL.
          Arthur was b.Jan.30, 1893 Lake Butler, FL.
          d.Sept.1958 Polk County, FL. - buried Rose Hill Cem. in Kissimmee, FL.
        4 Thomas James Addison,b.Oct.18,1901, Laughman,FL
          d.Feb.3,1994 Osceola County, FL. - buried Rose Hill Cem.Kissimmee, FL.
          Married: Wilma Mooney,b April 28,1902 -d.1994-buried Rose Hill Cem.Kissimmee, FL.
          Thomas J. Addison and Wilma Mooney had the following child:
                     1.Thomas James Addison Jr., b.abt. 1925 Polk County, FL.
        5.Maggie M.Addison,b.April 9,1904 Laughman, FL.
          d.Sept.23, 1993 Safety Harbor in Pinellas County, FL.
          buried Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, Clearwater, Pinellas County, FL.
          Married: William Everett Lassiter - He was b.Dec.6,1903 Georgia.
          He d.Aug.15,1981 Lake Wales Convelescent Center in Lake Wales, FL.
          He is buried Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, Clearwater, Pinellas County, FL.
        6.George Washington Addison,b.May 6,1907 Laughman -
          d.May 24,1994 Haines City, Polk County, FL.
          buried Rose Hill Cem. Kissimmee, Osceola County, FL.
          Married: Dorathea "Doratea" White.
          She was b.Sept.12, 1908 FL.
          d. Feb.23, 1997 FL. - Buried Rose Hill Cem. in Kissimmee, FL.
          George W. Addison and Doratea White had the following children:
                    1.Lomas(?) b.abt.1929 Polk County, FL. (correct spelling?)
                    2. George Addison,b.abt.1930 FL.
                    3.Robert Addison, b.abt.1933 FL.
                    4.Valrita Addison, b.abt.1934 FL ( correct spelling?)
        7.Joseph Lee Addison,b.Jan.18,1909 Laughman, FL.
          d. Dec.1968 Davenport, Polk County, FL.
          buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Laughman, Polk County, FL.
          Married Claudia Lee (unsure if Lee is a middle or maiden name)
          She was b.Sept.2,1905 FLorida or Kentucky.
          d.Aug.1980 Fordsville, Daviess County, Ky.
          Note: Claudia's name was added to a shared headstone with Joseph,
          but she was not buried there. The headstone still bears her name
          with no dates.
        8.Alice Gertrude Addison,b.Sept.8,1911 Laughman, FL.
          d.Dec.31, 1997 Land O'Lakes, Pasco County, FL.
          She is buried Garden of Memories Cem. in Tampa, Hillsborough, FL.
          Married: Everett Goodman.
          He was b.June 3, 1911 Polk County, FL.
          d.Dec.12, 1978 Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL.
          He is buried Garden of Memories Cem. in Tampa, FL.
          Alice Addison and Everett Goodman had the following children:
                   1. Ronald Goodman
                   2.Seffner Goodman
                   3.Wayne E. Goodman
                   4.Lutz Goodman
                   5.Jim Goodman
2.Louisa Addison
   Born: June 1861 Portsea, Portsmouth,Hants, England
   Died: April,1913 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 
   Civil registration Vol 2b - Pg.548
   Buried: Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
   Married: Never married
    She was a dressmaker in England.
3.George Addison
   Born: abt.1863 in Portsmouth, Hants, England
   General Occupation:
4.Alice Louisa Addison - aka "Nan"
   Born:Jan..1866 Portsea Island, Portsmouth,England
   Died: Nov.5,1953 at age 87 Cranbrook House,Clutton, Somerset County,Eng
    Nursing home-
   Buried: England
   Married: Never married
5 Albert Benjamin Addison
   Born: April 15,1870 in Portsmouth, Hants, England
   Died: June 8,1954 in Fort Myers, Lee county, FL.
   Buried: Marco Island, FL.
   Married: Charity Newell
  on June 13, 1894 in Lee County, Fl.
   Born: April 11,1875 Texas
   Died: Feb.4,1962 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
   Charity was the daughter of Edward Robert Newell and Charity Ann Wright 
   Children of Albert Benjamin Addison & Charity ( Newell ) Addison 

     1.Albert Bryant Addison
      Born:April 23, 1895 in Florida
      Died: Jan 28, 1968 in fort Myers, Lee Co.FL.
      Buried: Alva, Lee Co, Fl.
      Married: Laura Belle McDanial on Oct.15,1916 in Alva, Lee Co, Fl.
      ( she was the daughter of James McDanial and Margaret Renfro )
        General Occupation: Commercial Fisherman
      2.Chester Addison
      Born:June 6, 1897 on Marco Island, FL.
      Died: April 9,1985 Lee County, FL.
      Buried: Gardner Lee Co, FL.
      Married:Nola Naomi Williams, b. Aug.30th or Sept.4,1904 --died.1965 
      Lee county, Fl. --buried Gardner Cemetery in Lee county, FL.
      (Daughter of William A"Bud" Williams & Ellen Lenora "Linnie" Whidden)
            General Occupation: employed by Boat Yard ( retired)
      3.Annie Ruth Addison
      Born: July 27, 1899 on Marco Island, FL.
      Died: Jan.28,1982 in Naples, Collier Co, FL.
      Buried: Marco Island Cem.Marco Island, FL.
      Married:Ira Howard Jan.29,1924.(Ira was b.June16,1893 Arcadia, FL.)
                     Died on Sept.13,1952 Marco Island, FL.)
                     Buried: Old Marco Island Cemetery, Collier County, FL.
                     Ira was the son of ________________?
      4.Alice Addison
       Born: Nov.11,1901/02 on Marco Island,  Fl.
       Died: Oct.26,1987 in Medford, Ma.
       Buried:Oak Groves- Medford, Ma.
       Married: James Graziano , Boston, Mass.on__________
       James Graziano was born abt.1903 in Italy, Died_April 16,1965 Mass.
                           (James's General Occupation: Trucking Business)
      5.Richard Addison
       Born:April 19, 1904 on Marco Island, FL.
       Died: Sept.11,1987 in Labelle, FL.Hendry county
       Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, Collier co, FL.
       Married:1.Lucy May Arthur on March 19,1926 Collier Co.FL.- Divorced.
                 2  Mildred Eleanor Brazil 
                  Born: July 20,1913 Al.- Died: May 2, 1988 Collier County, FL.
                  General Occupation:  Commercial Fishing
      6.George Addison

       Born: March 29, 1905 on Marco Island, FL. ( or George Island, Fl.)
       Died: April 4, 1989 in Naples, Collier Co, FL. 
       Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, Collier Co, FL.
       Married:  Lessie Lee Daughtrey
  on May 28, 1927  in Lee Co, FL.
       (Daughter of Henry W. Daughtrey & Sarah Floyd Williams of Desoto Co.
       General occupations: Carpenter and Plant Nursery.
             Children of George Addison & Lessie Lee ( Daughtrey ) Addison
               1. Ruby Lee Addison, b. Jan.8,1929 Citrus Center, Glades County, FL.
                     Died: April 30, 2010 Moore Haven, Glades County, FL.
                     Married1. Cale H.Jones Jr  - 2.Norwood Donnie Strickland- 3.Joseph M.Collins
        2 George Gerald Addison,born Jan.30,1931 in Fort Myers, Lee County FL
                      Veteran of Korean War.
                      Carpenter by Trade..
Died: Aug.18,1957 in Collier County, Fl.
                      Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens in Naples, Collier County, FL.
                      Cause of death- Struck by lightning
                      Married: Edith Ann (Gibbs) Curry  in Naples, FL.on June 2,1954
                      (Ann was born in Miami, FL. abt 1927) - Married 1st Walter Paul Curry
3.Living Addison
                    4.Living Addison.
                    5.Living Addison
      7James Addison
       Born: April 24, 1906 on Marco Island, FL.
       Died: Sept. 1975 in Dade County, FL.
       Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL..
       Married: 1. Myrtle 
                    2.Elizabeth Hamilton on July 17, 1934 in Collier Co, FL
                  General Occupation: Commercial fishing
      8:Ernest Addison
        Born: Jan.27,1912  on Marco Island, FL.
        Died: May 4,1989 in Lee County, FL. ( Cert.# 52700)
        Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, Collier Co, FL.
        General occupation:  Self-employed in the fishing Industry
      9.Dolly Charity Addison,
        Born: Dec.25,1913 on Marco Island, FL.
        Died: July 12,2006 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
        Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL.
        Married: Herbert Morrison Storter in Florida.
        Herbert was born July 27,1909 - died July 25,2006 Fort Myers, FL.
        Buried Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL. 

6.Joseph Addison
   Born: Feb.12,1873 Portsmouth, Hants, England.
   Died: Nov.3,1934 Fort Myers, Lee County, Fl.
   Last Residence: Buckingham, Lee County,FL.
   Buried: Fort Myers Cemetery,  Lee county, Fl.
   General Occupation: Farmer
   Married: Josephine Harding ( maiden name possibly Jenkins)
   Josephine was b.Dec.8,1869 FL. - d. Oct.12,1945 Lee County, FL.
   buried : Fort Myers Cem, Lee County, FL.
   Added Note: Joseph married Josephine twice.

7.Amelia "Minnie" Addison
    Born: Abt.1875 Sheerness, Kent, England. 

   Died: April 1, 1947 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
   Buried: Foreham, Hampshire, England.
   died at Royal Hospital in Portsmouth, Eng.
   Married: Frederick Dudman on Aug.13, 1909 in Portsmouth,
   Hampshire, England.
   Frederick Dudman and Amelia Addison had two sons:
         1.Frederick Dudman Jr. b. Nov.16,1911 Eng.
         2.Archibald Dudman, b.Aug.26, 1914 England
8.James Addison
   Born: Jan.1,1877 in Sheerness, Kent, England
   Died: Jan.22,1917 in Marco Island, FL. ( drowned)
   Buried: Marco Island Cem. Marco Island, Collier Co, FL.
   General occupation: Fisherman
   Married: (death certificate says he was married, but I can find
   no marriage record.. )