Addison Family of Marco Island

                     Descendants (Children)of Albert Benjamin Addison and Charity Newell


Albert Benjamin Addison  1870-1954

                   Decendants of Albert Benjamin Addison and Charity (Newell) Addison of Marco Island.

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1.Albert Bryant Addison
 Born:April 23, 1895 Marco Island, Florida
 Died: Jan 28, 1968 in fort Myers, Lee Co.FL.
 Buried: Alva, Lee Co, Fl.
 Married: Laura Belle McDanial on Oct.15,1916 in Alva, Lee Co, Fl.
 ( she was the daughter of James McDanial and Margaret Renfro )
 General Occupation: Commercial Fisherman
Children of Albert Bryant Addison and Laura Belle:
1. Ruth  Elizabeth Addison, b.Nov.1, 1919 Lee, Florida
  d.May 1993 Fort Myers, Lee, FL.
  buried: Fort Myers Memorial Gardens Cem.
  married: William Brecht Weeks on March 19, 1940 Charlotte, FL.
2. Annabelle Addison, b.Nov.29,1923 Lee, FL. - d.1994
  d. Sept.19, 1994 Fayetteville, Cumberland County, N.C.
      1st.Charlie Edwin McConnell in 1942 Charlotte, FL.
           1.Living McConnell
      2nd.Floyd Edgar Cooper in 1946 Lee County, FL.
      3rd.Tallie Spires in 1949 Lee County, FL. Isbell in 1954 Lee County, FL. Rice DesForges Jr. in May 1968 Florida.
3. Albert Belson. Addison, b Sept 30, 1930 Lee County, FL.
  d.Oct.23, 1969 Fort Myers, Lee, FL. - buried  Alva Cem. Lee, FL.
  married: Sylvia Nadine Cochron on May 14, 1960 Brantly, Ga.
2.Chester Addison
 Born:June 6, 1897 on Marco Island, FL.
 Died: April 9,1985 Lee County, FL.
 Buried: Gardner Lee Co, FL.
 Married:Nola Naomi Williams, in Aug.1920 Desoto County, FL.
 Nola was born  Aug.30th or Sept.4,1904 --died.1965 
 Lee county, Fl. --buried Gardner Cemetery in Lee county, FL.
 Daughter of William A"Bud" Williams & Ellen Lenora "Linnie" Whidden)
 General Occupation: employed by Boat Yard ( retired)
Children of Chester Addison and Nola:
1.Wavia Lee Addison, b.June 16,1921 Marco Island, Fl..
  d. May 24, 1988 Lee County, Fl.
  married John Kenneth Corbitt in 1937 Lee County, FL.
2.Claude Myron  Addison, b.July 20, 1922 Marco Island, FL.
  d.Sept.2, 1989 in Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
  married: Rose Weeks on Nov.17, 1951 Lee County, FL.
      1.Claude Myron Addison, b. d.May 2011- buried in Lake Wales.
      2.Alma Joyce Addison - married Landsteiner
      3.Priscilla Naomi Addison - married Gleason
3.Margarite M. Addison, b. July 16,1924 FL.
  d. Dec.25, 1998 Moore Haven, FL. - Residence in Labelle, FL.  FL. -
    1st.Herbert May
      1.Shirley May - married Brown
      2.Beverly May (twin)- married Hicks
      3.Robert May (twin)
      4.Patricia May - married Peeples
    2nd.Jasper Hay
4.Elouise Addison, b.Sept.3,1926 Collier County, FL.
  d.Nov.21,2005 San Antonio.Bexar County, Texas
  married :
   1st.Carl Allen Moffett in 1945 Lee County, FL.
     1.Ray Moffett
     2.Bill Moffett
   2nd ,Edward Grumbles
     1.Sandra Kay Grumbles
   3rd..Joseph Farmer on Sept.8, 1984 Bexar County, Texas.
5.Carl E. Addison, b. abt.1928 Collier County,  FL.
  d.July 30, 2011 in Lee County, FL. (cremated)
  Buried: Ashes buried Gardner Baptist Cemetery in Hardee, FL.
  Married:Joe Anna Justice ,Nov.17,1951(note:Double wedding with brother Claude.)
     1.Cynthia Ann Addison - married Chomey
     2.Nola Naomi Addison - married Pentz
     3.Carl Eugene Addison
     4.Chester Claude Addison, b.- d.Dec.15, 2005 -buried Fort Myers Cem.
6.Vita Addison, b. abt.1930 FL.
  d.April 1, 2009 Fort Myers Fl.
  married  Roy Joseph Rogers in 1952 Sarasota, FL.
   Both are buried in a Catholic Church Cem. on highway 80.
   ( I do not have the name of the church as yet.)
  Children of Roy Rogers and Vita:
    1.Chester Michael Rogers
    2.Rick Rogers
    3.Gayla Sue Rogers - married Yeomans
    4.Joseph Anthony Rogers
    5.Kathy Rogers - married Cook.
7.Elsie E. Addison, b.April 18,1932 FL.
  d.April 21, 1935 FL. - Buried Gardner Cem. Hardee County, FL.
8.Infant daughter Addison, b.- d. 1936 FL.- Buried Gardner Cem.
  Hardee County, FL.
3.Annie Ruth Addison
Born: July 27, 1899 on Marco Island, FL.
Died: Jan.28,1982 in Naples, Collier Co, FL.
Buried: Marco Island Cem.Marco Island, FL.
Married:Ira Howard Jan.29,1924.FL.
(Ira was b.June16,1893 Arcadia, FL.)
Died on Sept.13,1952 Marco Island, FL.)
Buried: Old Marco Island Cemetery, Collier County, FL.
Ira was the son of ________________?
Children of Annie R. Addison and Ira Howard:
1.Ira Frances Howard,Jr., b.March 14, 1925 Collier County, FL.
 d.July 21, 2003 Naples, Collier County, FL.
 married: (?) Emlie
2. Gwendolyn Howard, b. June 23, 1928 Collier County, FL.
 d.Dec.31, 2004 Denton, Texas
 married: (?) Bowers
3.Wilbur Harold Howard, b. May 26, 1930 Marco, Collier , FL.
 d. March 2005 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
 married: Twyla C. Noble in 1954 Collier County, FL.
4. Lettie Kathleen Howard, b. Nov.29, 1933 Collier County, FL.
 married:1.Ralph Elkins in 1952 Collier County, FL.
             2.(?) Norvell
5.Lois  Jeanette Howard, b.March 4, 1938 Collier County, FL.
 married: William Alfred Crews on June 5, 1976 Collier County, FL.
4.Alice Addison
Born: Nov.11,1901/02 on Marco Island,  Fl.
Died: Oct.26,1987 in Medford, Ma.
Buried:Oak Groves- Medford, Ma.
Married: James Ruccio Graziano  Nov.1,1926 Labelle, Hendry, FL.
James Graziano was born abt.1903 in Italy,- d.April 16,1965 Mass.
(James's General Occupation: Trucking Business)

Children of James Graziano and Alice Addison
1.James Ruccio Graziano Jr, b.Feb.23,1928  FL(or Mass.).
  d.Dec.29,1994 Holbrook, Norfolk, ,Mass.
  Spouse: Anna Marie Robinson
2.William Graziano, b.Nov.21,1929  FL (?) Boston (?)-
 d. April 4,1999 Revere, Suffolk, Mass.
3.Charles Graziano, b.June 17,1931  Marco Island, FL.(?) or Mass.
 d. May 29,1997 Anaheim, Orange County, California 
 married: (?) Garcia
4.Joseph Graziano, b.Dec.31,1933 Boston, Mass.- 
 d.May 16,1979 Revere, Suffolk, Mass.
   Spouse: Viola? Violet?
5.Albert L.Graziano, b.May 8,1935 Boston, Mass.
 d.April 2, 2010 Holbrook, Suffolk, Mass.
 married: Janet Interrant in Mass.
6.Carol Graziano, b.1942 Boston, Suffolk, Mass.-
 d.1958 Medford, Middlesex County, Mass.
 buried: Oak Grove Cem. Medford, Mass.
( died young in an auto accident in Mass.)
5.Richard Duane Addison
Born:April 19, 1904 on Marco Island, FL.
Died: Sept.11,1987 in Labelle, FL.Hendry county
Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, Collier co, FL.
Married:1st..Lucy May Arthur on March 19,1926 Collier Co.FL.- Divorced.
 2nd. Mildred Eleanor Brazil  Helveston in 1933 Collier County, FL.
 Mildred was b.: July 20,1913 Al.- Died: May 2,1988 Collier County, FL.
General Occupation:  Commercial Fishing
Children of Richard Addison and Mildred:
 1.Dorothy Sue Addison, b.Jan.22, 1932 Collier County, FL.
   d.Oct.13,2007 Naples, Collier County, FL. - married Whitsett.
 2.Richard Duane Addison Jr.b.Aug.13,1934 Collier County, FL.
  d.July 30,2003 Naples, Collier County, FL.
  buried : Collier County, FL.
  married:1.Alice Loraine Hatchel in July 1959 Collier County, FL.
  married:2.Orphetta Scott Station on Feb.12, 1983 Collier, FL.
 3.Bruce Addison, b. abt. 1935 Collier County, FL.
 4.James Frederick "Freddy" Addison , b.Oct.8,1936 Marco, FL.
  d.Nov.9,1991 Homestead, Dade County, FL.
  buried: Palms Memorial Park Cem. Dade County, FL.
  married: Agnes Pearl Putnam Dumas on July 19, 1974 Miami-Dade, FL.
 5.Doris Addison,b.(?) Collier County, FL. FL.- 
  married: Schiley E. Rhoden in May 1958 Collier County, FL.
 6 .George Addison  was born March 29,1905
on Addison Island, off Marco Island, Florida.
He died April 4,1989 in Naples, Collier, County, FL.
Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, Collier County, Fl.
He was the son of Albert Benjamin Addison and
Charity ( Newell ) Addison of Marco Island, FL.
George  married  Lessie Lee Daughtrey  on May 22,1927 in Lee Co, FL.
( Source: Lee County, Fl. Marriage records- Copy marriage cert.)
Lessie was born Feb.3,1911 in Fort Ogden, Desoto County, FL.-
she died Sept.1992 in Cleveland , Ohio while visiting family .-
Buried in Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples,Fl.
Lessie was the daughter of Henry Washington  " Bud " Daughtrey 
and Sarah Floyd ( Williams ) Daughtrey of Fort Ogden, Desoto County, FL.
Children of George Addison and Lessie:
1.Ruby Lee Addison, 
  born.Jan.8,1929 Citrus Center, Glades County,FL

 died: April 30, 2010 in Moore Haven, Glades County, FL.

   1st..Cale Howard Jones Jr. - aka Howard Cale Jones  -- 
      Married in 1947 Florida ( copy marriage cert.) - divorced
      Cale was born Oct.6,1926 in Naples, Collier County, Fl. 
      He was the son of Cale Howard Jones Sr. and Alice (Lowery) Jones
      He died: Nov.25,2005 in Pearl, Ms. ( copy death cert.)
      buried: Floral Hills Memorial Gardens in Pearl, Ms.
      (shares a headstone with 3rd wife Joy Tippitt Jones)
:  Obituary Naples Daily News on 1/7/2006
Children: 1. Living female Jones,  b. FL
   2nd..Norwood Donnie Strickland in 1951
        He was born.Feb.22,1918 Bainbridge, Decatur, Ga.
       died Aug.31, 1956 Naples, Collier, FL. 
       Children: 1.Donnie Lee Strickland, b.Aug.18,1952
       died: May 22, 2007 Moore Haven, Glades , FL.  
   3rd.Joseph M Collins in 1960
        He was born: May 24,1925 Chicago, Illinois
       died: Feb.4, 2002 Hendry County, FL -
       Resided was in Moore Haven,FL.
       Children: 1. Living female Collins, b. FL. 
 2 George Gerald Addison, b.Jan.30,1931 in Fort Myers, Lee. FL
Veteran of Korean War.
  Carpenter by Trade..
  Died: Aug.18,1957 in Collier County, Fl.
  Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, Collier, FL.
  Cause of death- Struck by lightning
  Married: Edith  Ann (Gibbs) Curry in Naples, FL.on June 2,1954
  Ann was born in Miami, FL.on Feb.25,1926) -
  She died April 1993 in Polk County or Hillsborough County, FL.
  Last residence at time of death was Naples, Collier County, FL.
  She is buried in Naples Memorial Gardens with 2nd husband George G Addison.
  Ann remarried 3rd. to Thomas Schessler in May1959 -- Divorced.1970 Collier.
3.William Fred Addison, b.Jan.9,1934 FL. . - married Hilda Dickerson
4.Patricia Joyce Addison,b.Oct.15,1936  Naples, Collier County, FL.
   Married Edward L. Zollner
5.Doris Rebecca Addison,b.Nov.22,1939 Naples, Collier County, FL.
   Married : Easterly

.7.James Addison
 Born: April 24, 1906 on Marco Island, FL.
 Died: Sept. 1975 in Dade County, FL.
 Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL..
 Married: 1. Myrtle Newbern in 1928 Lee County, FL.
 Married :2.Elizabeth Hamilton on July 17, 1934 in Collier Co, FL
 General Occupation: Commercial fishing
8.Ernest Addison
 Born: Jan.27,1912 on Marco Island, FL.
 Died: May 4,1989 Lee County, FL.(Cert.#52700)
 Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL.
 Married: Violetta Lynn
 Genearal Occupation: Self-employed in the fishing industry.
1.Living male Addison

9.Dolly Charity Addison .
 Born: Dec.25,1913 on Marco Island, FL.
 Died: July 12,2006 in Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
 Buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL.
 Married: Herbert Morrison Storter in 1928 Collier County, Florida
 (Herbert was born July 27,1909- died July 25,2006 Fort Myers, FL
  buried: Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL.)  
Children of Dolly Addison and Herbert Storter:
1.Marion Storter - married  McRae
2.Voncile Storter - married Charles Tomlinson