Addison Family of Marco Island

                              Addison Family of Marco Island and Naples


                                                                     Albert Benjamin Addison and 2 Sons 


Albert Benjamin Addison ( center) 1870--1954 Nicknamed " The Judge" with two of his sons, Albert Bryant Addison (right) 1895--1968 Chester Addison (left) 1897--1985


    Welcome to my Addison Genealogy Website. My Addison family starts with Albert Benjamin Addison, who migrated from England to Marco Island, Florida in the 1890's. Albert was born in 1870 in Hants, Portsmouth, England, the son of Richard and Ruth Eliza (Foster) Addison of Portsea, England. He was one of four brothers ( Richard, Albert, Joseph and James ) who came to America seeking a better life. He settled on Marco Island, met and married a lady named Charity Newell, and together they started a huge family. Most of their many descendants still live in and around the area today.

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